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Alice Nderitu - Resolving Differences Through Dialogue

March 8, 2018

Alice Wairimu Nderitu

Peace through Dialogue


In an armed conflict, the only path to peace is through dialogue.

As National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Perry Bellegarde points out dialogue leads to relationships and it is through relationships that we can build anything.

Alice Nderitu knows this better than anyone else. Ms Nderitu is an armed conflict mediator. She has mediated more than 90 processes that have resulted in peace agreements between parties that are at war with each other in Kenya and Nigeria.

Ms Nderitu is one of a few female peace negotiators active in Africa.

Key to her success is purposeful dialogue. Dialogue that demands preparation, time, patience concentrated effort and an open mind coupled with a fearless ability to say the things that need to be said.

We asked the Jack P Blaney Award Winner for Dialogue Alice Nderitu to join us for a Conversation That Matters about the path to peace through dialogue.

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