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Emergency Communications Plan - do you have one?

December 5, 2016

Christine Sommers

Epact - Emergency Communications Plan


Conversations That Matter features Christine Sommers of ePACT has developed an emergency communications network that ensures you and your loved ones can always let each other know your whereabouts and your condition. Sommers says, “landlines, mobile and text are iffy at best, email is actually the number one way to communicate because the internet was built to withstand World War III.”


Sommers says if everything in life were a straight line that would be good enough, but of course they don’t. The kids are at school or ballet or soccer or or or. How does that organization connect with parents and next contacts? Enter epact, Sommers says we developed a system that allows the school or the day care or the sports team to connect directly with families so that they can share their data, they can actually connect each person’s support network.”


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