Conversations That Matter

Finger up the bum with Micheal Izen

January 25, 2017

Michael Izen

Finger up the bum

This week’s Conversation That Matters features Michael Izen who wrote “Finger up the Bum” a humorous look at his battle with prostate cancer. He’s only 50 but 51 isn’t looking promising. Why and how did this happen? He’s not suppose to be dying of prostate cancer because, as he was told repeatedly, “guys in their early 40’s don’t get prostate cancer. Nothing to worry about because statistically that’s the way it works.”

Over the past five years he’s had surgery, he’s had one treatment after another. Some work for awhile, others for shorter periods of time but now he’s out of options. So he took a look at what he wanted to do and one thing was to chronicle his relationship with cancer and to focus on the the people he loves.

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