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Is Site C the right energy project for BC?

August 16, 2017

Is Site C the right energy project for BC?


This week Conversations That Matter features past BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald in a Conversation that was recorded at Site C in April of 2017. Ms. McDonald insisted the Conversation be embargoed until after the final results of the provincial election were known.


We sat down with her to hear from her why she believed that Site C was the right project. The Conversation covers a wide range of topics including projected energy demand, sources of clean reliable energy, the expropriation of the Boon family farm, the loss of arable land, erosion of the banks of the Peace River, the claims of Treaty Rights infringement by the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations and more.


Ms. McDonald was dismissed as CEO within days of the swearing in of John Horgan as Premier. While Ms. McDonald is identified in the video as the CEO of BC Hydro, which was true at the time, she no longer speaks for the company.


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