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Marriage after 50? Really!

December 7, 2016

Tracy Theemes - Marriage after 50? Really!

Conversations That Matter features Tracy Theemes a certified financial planner with a keen eye on the complex issues related to marriage later in life. Theemes says there are multiple reasons why after a half century of living it gets harder to get together, “we become more exaggerated versions of ourselves, our problems, our suitcases of net worth, cash flow issues, personal development issues, sexuality issues, family issues like parents and even grandparents, it adds up.”

Despite the challenges, Theemes is optimistic about successful marriages post 50. As she puts it, “there are five reasons to get married, they are, social, spiritual, legal, financial and love”  Theemes goes on to say marriage is a good institution no matter how old you are especially when you go into it with eyes wide open.

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