Conversations That Matter

Operation Health Care with Dr. Brian Day

June 29, 2017

Operation Health Care

This week’s Conversation That Matters features Dr. Brian Day who says our medical system is broken. He’s been advocating for change for more than a decade. He’s so frustrated he’s gone to court to demand that you get the right to purchase insurance that will allow you to have timely access to treatment.  Day points to Quebec and says, “all I want is for people in BC to have the same rights as people in Quebec, they’re allowed to have it, so why can’t we?”

 Day points to the more than 85,000 people who sit on surgery lists in BC and wait and wait and wait. He says, “we know that if you are a person with a physical job, and you wait for more than a year to get a 45-minute operation, then the odds of you returning to your job are less than 10 percent.” Day says he’s committed to a strong public health care system in Canada, a system he maintains we don’t have but could.

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