Conversations That Matter

Santa Ono and his vision for UBC

January 16, 2017

Professor Santa Ono

What’s the plan for UBC?

This week’s Conversation That Matters features Professor Santa Ono, the newly installed President at the University of British Columbia who left a much higher paying job in Cincinnati to take over at the helm on BC’s top university. Within months he was faced with his first PR challenge over the dismissal and reinstatement of John Furlong as a keynote speaker at a University event.


That decision has brought both praise and condemnation. Who is this new President of the University and what is his vision for the future? “I see no reason why UBC can’t go from being one of the top 40 universities in the world to one of the top 20.” Key to his ambitious aspirations is the ability to attract research and research talent. He admits his role is to articulate the vision but it will only happen if the entire UBC community agrees, a community he says includes academic and support staff, the Province, the Federal Government and alumni.

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