Conversations That Matter

The Bravest Girls in the World with Giselle Portenier

March 9, 2017

Ep 128

Giselle Portenier

The bravest girls in the world


This week’s Conversation That Matters features Giselle Portenier who is producing a documentary on the “Bravest Girls in the World”, girls who run through the jungle, across the desert evading predators of all sorts along the way to escape a ritual that mutilates them and could kill them. Portenier says, “It's a complete violation of their human rights.”


Portenier is working to tell the story of girls who are running from genital mutilation, a custom that is imposed upon them by their cultures and their families, “it’s not just a women's issue becau

se the girls get married to men and when they do get married to men, they're much more likely to die in childbirth, they're much more likely not to enjoy sex. And it's also the men that are demanding it be done in many of the cultures, a lot of FGM is performed for financial reasons because if a man wants a cut girl, and he has to pay a bride price for the girl, he's prepared to pay a higher bride price for girls that have been cut.”


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