Conversations That Matter

The Power of Story with Greg Power

March 23, 2017

Greg Power

The Power of story


This week’s Conversation That Matters features Greg Power of Weber Shandwick, a public relations expert who says the days of just the facts are over. Power says, “audiences need to connect to the person sharing the information and simply stating the facts isn’t good enough in a post truth world.” Power says, “stories connect us, they resonate and storytelling is an important part of our evolutionary DNA. It's how we've always organized the world and how we need to organize the world to participate in it.”


Power believes great storytelling includes, “people, it involves conflict, it has human drama and it has a solution.” As Power points out, this was the magic of Steve Jobs, “he understood how to use drama. During the launch of the iPhone he created conflict by stating smartphones are not so smart and then positions the keyboard on the smartphones, as the enemy because of the screen space it robs from you the user He goes on to state screen space is your freedom. He turned it into a drama and let me tell you why. Let me tell you who the villain is and now let me show you is the hero and the hero was the iPhone.”

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