Conversations That Matter

The Problems with Sex with Maureen McGrath

May 4, 2017

This week’s Conversation That Matters features Maureen McGrath a “Sexpert” who says sex is one of the most contentious issues in relationships. She says, “many couples go months if not years without sex. For some this works because it’s what both partners want but the problem arises when one partner wants sex and the other doesn’t.”

The reasons are many and they range from sex is taboo to the disruptive nature of technology, body image challenges, recreational use of erectile drugs, porn, boredom and that’s just the start of it. McGrath works with people to help them, help they need because as she points out, “sex is still a very much a taboo subject. And people are not comfortable talking about it. They'll sneak about because they were raised with guilt or embarrassment or shame around sex. Or a lack of appropriate education.”

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