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The Ugly Truth About Supplements

March 18, 2018

Dr David Wang

The Ugly Truth about Supplements


Supplements - do you take them?

If you do, it’s probably because you want to be healthier. And if you take supplements there’s a good chance you pay attention to the food you buy and eat. More and more of us are turning to organic foods because we care about what we consume.

We’re doing a good job of checking labels to determine if foods have GMO’s, what are the additives in them, what is the nutritional value of the delicious meal you’re about to eat?

But do you examine the ingredients in the supplements you’re tossing back with a smoothie? Do you have any idea what’s in those gel caps, tablets and liquids?

If you take the time to read the label and examine the elements and then do the work of understanding what they are, you might very well be shocked to learn it’s a mixed bag.


We asked Dr David Wang to join us for a Conversation That Matters about why you need to be just as picky about nutraceuticals as you are about the food you eat.

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