Conversations That Matter

Welcome to the Men’s Group

December 7, 2016

Joseph Culp - Men’s Group

Conversations That Matter features Joseph Culp on being a man. Culp wrote, produced, directed and stars in, “Welcome to the Men’s Group” a social commentary on the state of masculinity in western culture. Culp says, “We were the soldiers, we were breadwinners, we had to be stoic and be strong, and we didn't want to be weak, which means showing your feelings and being vulnerable. Well guess what? Evolution is here. And we're changing, and life is changing, and women changed too. And I think the significance of feminism in the last 40 odd years has put a kind-of demand on men to investigate their own way of relating to each other.”

Welcome to the Men’s group takes viewers deep inside the confusing lives of eight men who lay it all out there. It is a sobering look at “male vulnerability” and also is quite funny, using humor and irreverence to celebrate the zaniness and extremes of men. Through the characters, however, viewers will find pieces of themselves and the men who are a part of their lives.

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