Conversations That Matter

Workplace Inclusion - SAP’s Autism Employment Program with Kirsten Sutton

January 12, 2017

Ep 120

Kirsten Sutton

Workplace Inclusion

This week’s Conversation That Matters features Kirsten Sutton of SAP Canada a company that has mandated that 1% of its workforce is made up of people with autism, a rate that reflects the percentage of people in the world with autism.


Sutton says this is not some feel good program, rather it’s a program that is reshaping the company and is paying dividends, “This is not a philanthropic endeavor. We have open roles that we can't fill. Folks on that spectrum are absolutely suited for these roles, and they're not getting employed. So we're filling roles with people that have amazing talents. We've had folks start 1st day in a, say a software testing role, find a bug in the software that's been there 15 years, nobody else has identified it.”


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